By applying yoga teaching and experience in managing quality clinical trials, SAM’s long-term goal with Dogwood Studio is to integrate her eastern and western modalities to help others.

With her many years of experience, SAM can help you find balance with the following forms of yoga:




Shady Side. A practice in which the muscles are relaxed associated with the pose, allowing for a release in the deeper connective tissue and fascia.

Yin involves poses (asanas) performed on the floor holding the poses for several minutes while relaxing the associated muscles.

Yin yoga enhances the natural range of motion of the joints and facilitates a meditation practices. 

Yin Yoga tests our patience and ability to not need an active state to be in the moment, and not multi-task, while benefiting our joints. 




Sunny Side. A more energetic and active practice. There are two types of Yang classes: 1) Alignment based classes focus on the fundamentals of yoga poses (asanas), breath, gaze, strength and mindfulness. These sessions are practiced in a moderate temperature controlled space; 2) Yoga Flow is where the fundamentals of yoga are synchronized together for a more vigorous practice. This practice is commonly performed in a heated environment. 

In both Yin and Yang focused classes, our goal is wholeness and balance. 



Coming into Balance. If would like a personalized prescriptive yoga session designed for your needs towards better health and wellness.

Yoga is naturally beneficial. Sometimes you would like specific guidance. These sessions are perfect for a personalized practice, for new or coming back to yoga, addressing a chronic injury or condition. 

No matter your age, with or without chronic disease, personally yoga sessions differ in that they are customized to your needs, while blending yin and yang practices for physical, emotional and subtle body balance. 

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